How to get an affordable hair extension?

So, you have decided to get a hair extension? Just for the starters, there are many types of hair extensions....

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Remy Vs. Non Remy hair – All you need to know

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Pros and cons of hair extensions

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Chloe A. Barry
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Yolanda M

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How do they do it? I mean, one day they are brunettes and the next day blondes. They have bobs one day and the next they have manes flowing down to their shoulders. What is their secret? Is it a cream or are celebrities just born with an ‘X’ factor that we other ‘normal people’ were not lucky enough to be born with?

Well, for starters, celebrities are human as one can ever be. They are like any other lady. What gives them the ability to change up their hair that fast are  hair extensions. Yes you heard it right. They are the secret behind their lovely heads – the magic that turns them into goddesses. With hair extensions, you could very well remake yourself to resemble any celebrity you would like (if that is what you are into), or better yet, you could come up with your own creative and unique look that everyone will be dying to have. With the help of a capable hair stylist you will be good to go.
That said, you probably are wondering where to buy hair extensions. Well, for this, and much more, we have got you covered. But first, here are some of the best  that we have to offer.


Truth be told, they are probably the most popular and cheap hair extensions  today. Ask any hairstylist and they will tell you that fusion hair extensions are by far the most durable in the market needing minimal maintenance. On average, fashionistas state these hair extensions up to last up to 6 months!
With these extensions, your natural hair will be fused with the extensions to give you a more natural and flowy look.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions
If you are looking for clip in hair extensions  that will help you elongate your hair, one that will add volume to it, then look no further than the micro ring hair extensions. While they may not last as long as the fusion type, they do last for quite a while when they are taken good care of.
But the fact that their fixing does not require the use of glue gives it an advantage over many of the other extension types. The lack of glue helps preserve your natural hair. It is a safe way to get longer hair. They however take a while to be fixed. But when you compare the result you get to the time spent, it is worth it.

Tape-In hair extensions 
If we are to go the trending way, then we could say that the Tape-In hair extensions are the newest kids on the blog that has every fashionista going all gaga. Why you ask? Well, probably because they do not use clips or glue but rather tape.
The hair is separated into very thin rows and then sandwiched between two Tape-In Extension sections. The result is a firm extension and added volume with your natural hair preserved.

We offer all the extensions mentioned above in a wide variety of colors and lengths at pocket friendly prices. Their application takes about an hour and they last for several weeks, of course depending on the care and attention that you provide them with.

Needless to say, hair extensions are the best and perfect way of adding length and volume to your hair. You will not have to commit to any treatment or mess up with your body’s homeostasis – all at freakishly affordable prices.

With that, you have the answer of where to buy hair extensions in Toronto. The process is easy and safe.

How to get an affordable hair extension?

So, you have decided to get a hair extension? Just for the starters, there are many types of hair extensions. You need to first select the one that is most suitable for you. The hair extension costs vary from provider to provider and from place to place.

Today, we are going to cover a few tips that will help you to buy an affordable hair extension that is also good in quality.



If you want to get a hair extension that actually suits you and is also light on your pocket, then you will need to spend some time looking for the best hair extension provider. Contact the place from where you are planning to get the hair extension. Ask them about their services to select the appropriate one. Also check their customer feedback to know what their customers say about them. In this way you will get a clear picture of the quality of the services offered by them.

Online purchase:

As there is a craze of online shopping nowadays, some of you may consider buying the hair extensions from an online marketplace. The products offered online:

  • Have a large variety.
  • Home delivery
  • And are relatively cheaper then the same products offered in physical marketplaces.

For this purpose, google is your best friend. You can easily buy cheap and affordable hair extensions online if you dig enough on the web. There are many online marketplaces that are selling hair extensions at different costs for different types. Visit all of them and read their customer reviews. Do not always go for a cheap one if it has negative customer reviews. Rather, buy a relatively costly hair extension with higher consumer rating.

Before making your online purchase, also look on the beauty forums and websites for selecting the best hair extension provider. Before ordering, check if the store offers a money-back guarantee, because just in case if the product is not up to the mark, you do not get robbed-off your money.

Buying from stores:

Many people select their local nearby stores to buy their hair extensions. These stores will offer a large variety of hair extensions but their prices will be higher than the online stores. One of the prime advantages of buying from a local store is that you can personally check the quality of their products. In this way, you will avoid the hassle of returning your products because of the quality downfall. It is also a very big help if you do not know that which type of hair extension you want. You can go to these stores and personally try out their extensions. After trying out by yourself, you will easily come to a decision about which hair extension you want. But, be sure to check on a few other stores before buying. In this way, you will avoid paying more for something that is available at a cheaper price in the market.


I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to get an affordable hair extension. I have covered every thing that may help you get your required type of hair extension at a cheap price.